Netflix releases trailer for docu-series 'Flint Town'

Lauren Abdel-Razzaq
The Detroit News

Netflix has released a new trailer for its original documentary series on Flint police called "Flint Town."

A screenshot from the trailer for "Flint Town," Netflix's new documentary.

The series tells "the story of Flint, Michigan through the eyes of the city's police department," according to Netflix.

The documentary "explores the struggles of living in a constant state of emergency and the team of underdogs fighting against all odds to save the city."

Over a two-year period, filmmakers embedded with cops in Flint to show how the city has changed over the years, with extreme poverty, civil unrest and the water crisis.

"We're inundated by violence," one officer says in the trailer. "There's just not enough of us."

The series premiers on March 2. 

Watch the NSFW trailer: