Review: Sharon Stone’s ‘Wish’ won’t make wish list

Los Angeles-set romantic comedy follows fashion stylist trying to get her act together

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Blow out the candles on “All I Wish,” a lightweight romantic comedy as unsure of itself as its protagonist.

Sharon Stone stars in the romantic comedy “All I Wish.”

Sharon Stone plays Senna, a struggling L.A. stylist who never bothered settling down in her love life. When the film opens, it’s her 46th birthday and she wakes up in bed with some bozo who wants her to come check out his band at the club. No thanks, she tells him in so many words, shutting the door in his face.

She grabs lunch with her mother (Ellen Burstyn), who wonders why Senna never got married, the way movie moms tend to do. Later, Senna is set up on a date with Adam (Tony Goldwyn), who complains to her about the date, thinking he’s talking to a stranger. Love at first sight it’s not.

Flash forward a year when we check up on Senna on her next birthday (marked by a title card that reads, generically, “next birthday”), and so on over the course of several years.

First-time writer-director Susan Walter — who had originally written Senna as a character in her 20s — stumbles around while trying to elevate the story above sitcom silliness, including a climactic game of “Never Have I Ever” that feels like it was written while watching an episode of “Ellen.”

Chris Horvath’s ever-present pop-jazz score makes everything in the movie feel like a scene in a trailer, and for no apparent reason, midway through the film characters start talking directly to the camera in canned confessional shots. Are they appearing in a documentary? Why is this technique being used? It’s never clear.

Stone, 60, is bubbly and appealing in the role, but she’s saddled with dialogue as clunky as a flat tire. “Where you squattin’?” she asks a friend, inquiring about his home address. Woof. If you’re making a wish, wish for something better than this.

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‘All I Wish’


Rated R for some sexual content and partial nudity

Running time: 94 minutes