Review: Puff, puff pass on lazy ‘Super Troopers 2’

The follow-up to the hit 2002 stoner comedy is a lazy shell of a movie, but it has a few fun moments

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

No amount of pot smoke can obscure the fact that “Super Troopers 2” is running on fumes.

The sequel to the hit 2002 stoner comedy, “Super Troopers 2” brings back the Broken Lizard troupe for another go as inept highway patrolmen. This time they’re brought in to deal with a border dispute between the U.S. and Canada, which leads to them making — and repeating — every Canada joke on the books.

Paul Soter, left, Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan star in the comedy sequel “Super Troopers 2.”

Canadians are polite! Check. They say “sorry” funny! Check that one a few dozen times. They say “aboot” instead of “about!” Are you rolling in the aisles yet? Add in some drug humor and some sexual pranks, and you’ve got an extremely thin shell of a movie where about one in every seven jokes lands. The others hang around like a cloud of pot haze.

To the credit of the cast, there’s at least a decent camaraderie among the group, which includes Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske, Kevin Heffernan, Paul Soter and Jay Chandrasekhar, who also directs. Their humor relies chiefly on them ingesting substances and pulling pranks on one another (or on another party), but there’s no malice behind the stunts. The ribbing is mostly good-natured and harmless.

A handful of outsiders are brought in to round out the cast, including Rob Lowe as a small-town mayor, Will Sasso as a Canadian Mountie and Lynda Carter as Vermont’s Governor. Seann William Scott and Damon Wayans Jr. show up in too-brief cameos that illustrate with a little more ambition, “Super Troopers 2” could have been something greater. But it’s more than happy to settle in for the cheap, lazy laugh.

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‘Super Troopers 2’


Rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, drug material and some graphic nudity

Running time: 100 minutes