Gender-bent remake of ’80s comedy is a vehicle for Eugenio Derbez


A gender-flipped remake of the 1987 comedy of the same name, “Overboard” is so broad its target is the size of a yacht.

As such, it’s a completely unrealistic-yet-harmless crowd-pleaser. Its characters are constantly watching telenovelas, apt for a film that shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than your average afternoon soap opera.

Eugenio Derbez (“How to be a Latin Lover”) stars as Leonardo, the playboy son of a wealthy Mexican businessman who spends his time in hot tubs cavorting with models and being rude to those he considers beneath him.

Anna Faris is Kate, a single mother of three delivering pizzas while studying nursing and picking up other odd jobs on the side. While cleaning the carpets on Leonardo’s yacht, she’s insulted by his rudeness, and when she speaks up Leonardo literally throws her off his boat.

Leonardo winds up being tossed from his yacht in a violent storm, and when he washes ashore he suffers from a case of amnesia. Kate, looking to enact revenge, convinces Leonardo they are married and puts him to work, taking care of her kids and performing domestic duties so she can study for school.

Lessons are learned along the way, of course, but “Overboard” never breaks free from its adherence to convention. (It at least makes one joke referencing the Goldie Hawn-Kurt Russell original.)

“Overboard” is strictly Derbez’ show, and he’s as subtle as a cartoon. It’s a bummer to see Faris, a wild comedic presence in films such as “The House Bunny” and the underrated “What’s Your Number?” play the straight role, especially since, if given the chance, she could really spice things up. But “Overboard” isn’t interested in rocking the boat.

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Rated PG-13 for suggestive material, partial nudity and some language

Running time: 112 minutes

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