The 64-year-old action star still has some gas left in his tank in this goofy sci-fi action comedy


Jackie Chan fights cape-wearing, bio-engineered villains outfitted with laser guns in "Bleeding Steel," a crazy town sci-fi action comedy that downloads a dose of techno wizardry to the typical Jackie Chan formula.   

Chan plays Lin Dong, a special agent in Hong Kong, who improbably survives a nuclear showdown with a tech-upgraded baddie. Thirteen years later, he's in Sydney, Australia, where from afar he protects a young girl implanted with a scientifically modified heart, who has nightmares of a tormented past life. 

Bad guys are after her heart technology, which naturally leads to a showdown with Lin on top of the Sydney Opera House. Look, just don't ask too many questions. "Bleeding Steel" is an entertaining romp with some sloppy overdubbing, a hyperactive score, witch doctors, mutant warriors, car chases, in-jokes and a leather fetish. And it's got Chan, who at 64 still knows his way around an action scene (although in several sequences, Chan's character is masked, which is one way to opt out of a physically demanding challenge).

Director Leo Zhang keeps the visual gags flying. At one point, Lin is hiding from gunfire behind a chair outfitted to look like a giant hand, until every finger but one has been shot off. (You can probably guess which one remains.) It's dopey fun, a far cry from Chan's best work, but passable if you're craving action cheese in your moviegoing diet.

Lin is helped out by Leeson (Taiwanese pop singer Show Lo), a bumbling sidekick-type who first shows up in drag. "Bleeding Steel" isn't going to win any points for subtle humor. But for low-grade thrills, you could do worse.

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'Bleeding Steel' 


Rated R for violence and some language

Running time: 110 minutes



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