Detroit VS Everybody teams with 'White Boy Rick' for new line

The Detroit clothing company has launched a line of 'White Boy Rick Vs. Everybody' merchandise

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Tommey Walker Jr. knew the story of White Boy Rick long before the movie.

White Boy Rick Vs. Everybody shirts are now available online and in stores.

Now his clothing company, VS Everybody, has partnered with the new movie for a line of merchandise featuring his familiar slogan.

With “White Boy Rick” hitting theaters Friday, Walker has introduced a new line of T-shirts, hoodies and hats emblazoned with the words “White Boy Rick Vs. Everybody.”

On the merchandise, “White Boy Rick” is written in a scrawled font meant to evoke spray-paint graffiti, matching the film’s 1980s aesthetic. A crown is painted over the Vs. logo, symbolizing the street legend status of Richard Wershe Jr., the real-life White Boy Rick, the teenage drug dealer and FBI informant who is still serving jail time for his crimes depicted in the film.

Walker partnered with the marketing team from Sony Pictures for the line, which is now available online and in Metro Detroit’s seven VS Everybody retail stores. The items range in price from $29.99 for T-shirts to $54.99 for hooded sweatshirts.

“I feel honored, especially with White Boy Rick being a legend,” says Walker, who flew out to Los Angeles earlier this year to watch an early cut of the film. “Growing up in Detroit, you hear his story not even trying to hear his story.”

Walker says the main cast members of the film – including Matthew McConaughey, Richie Merritt and rapper YG – received a special White Boy Rick Vs. Everybody package from the company, which he launched in 2012.

The partnership follows previous VS Everybody collaborations with Chevrolet, the Detroit Lions, Eminem, Bad Boy Entertainment and Faygo.

Walker says he plans to launch more shirts in the line featuring specific images from the film after “White Boy Rick” launches in theaters.