A wedding goes spectacularly wrong and gets a chance at a do-over in sweet Netflix offering


The randomness of the universe is put to the test in "Love Wedding Repeat," a clever, funny and engaging romantic comedy of errors about what happens when everything that can go wrong does. 

Sam Claflin ("The Hunger Games") is Jack, who early on falls for Dina (Olivia Munn) while they're both vacationing in Rome. He wants to make a move but misses his opportunity, and runs into her again three years later at his sister's wedding. Will the spark still be there?  

There are many obstacles in his way. There's his ex-girlfriend Amanda (Freida Pinto), who's there with her overly jealous boyfriend Chaz (Allan Mustafa) and looking to stir up trouble; there's the maid of honor Bryan (Joel Fry) who's focused on meeting up with big-time movie producer in attendance at the wedding and blowing off his wedding duties; there's Marc (Jack Farthing), who's obsessed with the bride and shows up unexpectedly to make a scene; and there's Sidney (Tim Key), the dictionary definition of an annoying party guest, who won't give Dina any room to breathe. 

It's a cocktail of annoyances, and writer-director Dean Craig, who based the story on the 2012 French film "Plan de Table," has a ball stirring them all up and seeing where they settle. And just when things are going really bad, he takes all the elements, stuffs them in a blender and re-mixes everything as an experiment in fate.    

The cast makes everything work, especially Claflin, who displays the clumsy charm of early Hugh Grant, and Munn, whose easygoing charisma is a nice fit with Claflin.

The film's British sensibilities and lively spirit make this a distant cousin of "Four Weddings and a Funeral," albeit with much more calamity at play. Here, one wedding is enough for everything to go off the rails, yet still find a way to come back together in the end. 

'Love Wedding Repeat'


Not rated: Language, drug use

Running time: 100 minutes

On Netflix 



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