Ford Wyoming bringing 'The Evil Dead' back to big screen

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

A horror classic with Michigan roots is returning to drive-in theaters this weekend to add some scares to your social distancing plans. 

Sam Raimi's 1981 cult favorite "The Evil Dead" is headed to Dearborn's Ford Wyoming Drive In Theatre for showtimes beginning Friday. It will play in a double feature with the 1970 exploitation flick "I Drink Your Blood."

Bruce Campbell in "The Evil Dead."

The double header is being brought to select drive-ins across the country by Grindhouse Releasing. 

"The Evil Dead" is Royal Oak native Raimi's first feature and was filmed on a budget of under $400,000 outside Knoxville, Tennessee. After its release, the comic-horror outing gained a cult following and led to several follow-ups: 1987's sequel/ remake "Evil Dead 2" and 1993's "Army of Darkness," as well as a stage musical, a TV series and a 2013 remake.

The Ford Wyoming is one of two drive-ins in the state playing "The Evil Dead," along with the Capri Drive-In in Coldwater. 

Showtimes are Friday-Thursday at 9:50 p.m. and 1:55 a.m., with "I Drink Your Blood" playing at 10 past midnight.