'Don't Look Up' is already Netflix’s No. 3 most watched movie ever

Tiffini Theisen
Orlando Sentinel

The star-studded “Don’t Look Up” movie that debuted on Netflix on Christmas Eve is already the No. 3 most popular film of all time on the streaming service.

In the apocalyptic drama-comedy, clocking in at 2 hours 18 minutes, two university astronomers discover that a comet is speeding toward Earth with enough girth to destroy the planet.

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in "Don't Look Up."

As they desperately try to warn the president of the United States, as well as the general public via a media tour, they’re stunned to realize few people across the nation believe them or even care.

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“It’s about to pass #2, Bird Box, pretty easily,” Forbes reported Wednesday as it shared the current Top 10 movie list according to Netflix data.

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“Bird Box” is a 2018 horror movie starring Sandra Bullock about “an ominous unseen presence” that “drives most of society to suicide,” according to an Internet Movie Database plot summary.

Netflix’s top movie list as of Wednesday is:

1. Red Notice – 364.02 million hours

2. Bird Box – 282.02 million hours

3. Don’t Look Up – 263.3 million hours

4. Extraction – 231.3 million hours

5. The Irishman – 215.6 million hours

6. The Kissing Booth 2 – 209.25 million hours

7. The Unforgivable – 208.2 million hours

8. 6 Underground – 205.5 million hours

9. Spenser Confidential – 197.3 million hours

10. Enola Holmes – 189.9 million hours

“Don’t Look Up” stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as the Michigan State University astronomers, Meryl Streep as a president who cares more about image and ratings than facts, and Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry as hosts intent on keeping their news talk show upbeat and superficial.

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The movie’s theme – a self-absorbed public reacts to a worldwide crisis with indifference – struck many viewers as an allegory for climate change. Others saw a parallel to the COVID-19 pandemic and the refusal of a segment of the population to take the virus seriously.