'Uncharted' review: Holland, Wahlberg adventure goes off the map

It's a treasure hunt action-adventure swashbuckler buddy comedy video game adaptation. What else were you expecting?

Adam Graham
Detroit News Film Critic

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg play a pair of modern adventurers out to uncover a long lost stockpile of gold in "Uncharted," an over-the-top globetrotting action fantasy so detached from reality it makes "National Treasure" look like a documentary. 

At least it's having fun. It cribs liberally from action movies ranging from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" to "Pirates of the Caribbean" but has more in common with the recent "Red Notice" in the way it tosses a few stars together and then hopes for great things to materialize. They don't, but that doesn't stop director Ruben Fleischer from trying, and the action sequences he crafts level-up the crazy well past the point of absurd.