Latest 'Beverly Hills Cop' film shooting in Detroit next week

The Detroit News

Axel Foley is back in Detroit.

Scenes for Netflix's upcoming "Beverly Hills: Axel Foley" are reportedly scheduled to film next week in Detroit, according to a filming notice posted Tuesday to social media by Axios.

Eddie Murphy on the set of Beverly Hills Cop II, directed by Tony Scott.

Shooting will take place in downtown Detroit from Sunday through Dec. 2, according to the notice, along Washington Blvd. between State St. and Grand River Ave. and around Capitol Park. Production will restrict parking in the area.

The sequences being filmed will involve simulated car chases and stunt driving, and residents are advised to be aware of smoke effects and sparks. Representatives from the Detroit police and fire departments will be on-site during filming.

There is no word on if star Eddie Murphy or co-stars Judge Reinhold, Paul Reiser, Taylour Paige, Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Bronson Pinchot will be present.

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley" is the fourth chapter in the "Beverly Hills Cop" series and the first since 1994's "Beverly Hills Cop III."

The film finds Eddie Murphy's Detroit cop Axel Foley back on the job in Beverly Hills, investigating corruption in the police force.

The original "Beverly Hills Cop" was a huge hit in 1984 and grossed $234 million at the North American box office, making it the year's highest-grossing release. Its two follow-ups grossed $300 million and $119 million worldwide, respectively.

After decades of fits and starts, production on the current film began in August in California. Mark Molloy is directing.

Murphy was recently photographed on set in Los Angeles wearing his character's trademark Detroit Lions jacket.

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley" — the production notice refers to the film as "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" — is expected to be released in 2023.