Eminem and Rihanna were all wet Saturday night.

The pair closed out their Monster Tour in Detroit by getting doused with ice cold buckets of water, doing their part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Em and Ri were both walking off the stage at the end of their two-and-a-half hour concert at Comerica Park, the closing date of their three-city, six-show Monster Tour, when Em was stopped by his hype man, Denaun Porter. Porter reminded him he had been challenged to participate in the viral campaign to benefit awareness for ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, earlier this week by his mentor Dr. Dre. Em accepted Dre’s challenge and sat in a chair while Rihanna poured an ice cold bucket of water over his head.

After shaking off the frigid water, Em turned the challenge around.

“Hold on, wait wait wait! Technically, I get to challenge what, three people?” he asked. “I know who I want to challenge right now. I wanna challenge Rick Rubin, I wanna challenge you, Mr. Porter.”

Porter asked, “now?” then sat in a chair as Em dumped a bucket of water over his head.

But Em wasn’t finished.

“I’ve got one more (expletive) person I can challenge, who do you think that might be?” he said, gesturing toward his tour partner, as the stadium roared.

“Detroit, what you think, should I do it?” Rihanna asked the sold-out crowd of around 45,000. “I’m from the islands, I don’t do this ice (expletive)! This ice (expletive) doesn’t work for me!”

But she worked it, and was hit with a cold bucket of water as Eminem’s band cued up “Ice Ice Baby.”

Em and Rihanna then said their final goodbyes as the curtain fell on the Monster Tour, which paired the two superstars who have collaborated for a of No. 1 smash singles. Earlier this month, the tour played two dates at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. and two dates at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

And with the ball now in Rick Rubin’s court, the Ice Bucket Challenge continues.

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