Rap duo Twiztid spent years celebrating Halloween as part of their mentors Insane Clown Posse’s annual Hallowicked concert.

Since splitting off from the Clowns’ Psychopathic Records, Twiztid has been working to establish a Halloween tradition of its own — one that complements, rather than disrupts, ICP’s annual ritual. The group plays Detroit’s Majestic Theatre Thursday night.

“We’ll do the 30th, they’ll do the 31st, and everyone gets to come in for a weekend,” says Paul Methric, who goes by Monoxide, on the phone from a tour stop in Arizona earlier this month. “We’re not trying to step on toes or any of that. We see there’s a lane open, and we’re gonna take it.”

Twiztid — Methric and his partner James Spaniolo, better known as Jamie Madrox — has been forging its own lane since severing its ties with ICP and Psychopathic in 2012. After spending 15 years under the tutelage of the wicked clowns, Twiztid recently launched its own company, Majik Ninja Entertainment, which is housed in a large building in Livonia.

Majik Ninja encompasses a record label, recording and video studios, a management company and a merchandising warehouse — much like that of Twiztid’s former home, Psychopathic.

“We’re comprising a Tyler Perry-like compound that will represent every facet of the industry,” Monoxide says of Majik Ninja, which employs a staff of 12. The label’s roster of artists will be unveiled in early 2015, but its first release hit stores last week: an extended version of “Gang Rags,” from the label’s first signee Blaze Ya Dead Homie, who also hopped from Psychopathic to the new label.

In January, Twiztid will release “The Darkness,” the duo’s first album on the new label, which is a precursor to “The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For,” another Twiztid set due to drop later in 2015.

“It’s dark, it’s moody, it’s spooky; we turned the lights down and we’d get it going on,” says Madrox of “The Darkness,” some copies of which will come packaged with a blindfold. “Some of the songs we got are terrifying. You listen to them and they make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.”

Twiztid hopes to put out new releases on Majik Ninja “every six to eight weeks,” Monoxide says, all keeping with the group’s core commitment to its values.

“People that have paid attention to Twiztid over the years knows that our integrity is everything to us,” says Monoxide, 41. “Are we just going to start slapping paint on anybody who wants to be our friend and throw them out and call them the greatest thing and swindle everyone into buying it? No, that’s not what we’re doing. Our name is everything, so Paul Methric and Jamie Spaniolo, our name is on everything we release, so we will make sure it is absolutely the best possible product we can put out.”

Adds Madrox, who turns 39 next week, “We always push the envelope with trying to be innovative and creative, because we care. We want people to have the best experience they can have.”

Twiztid’s Fright Fest 2014

6 p.m. Thursday

Majestic Theatre,

4120 Woodward, Detroit

Tickets $25 or (313) 833-9700

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