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Magic Stick to transform into electronic music venue

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

One of Detroit's most iconic live music venues — the Magic Stick — is changing formats this spring.

Majestic Complex owner Dave Zainea says he is partnering with former Clutch Cargo's owner Amir Daiza to turn upstairs rock club Magic Stick into a space for DJs and electronic music. The $300,000 renovation will include a new sound system, new bathrooms, a bigger stage, and updates to the outdoor deck, service bars and general cosmetic improvements.

"It's something Amir and I have been thinking about it for two years," says Zainea, whose family has owned the Majestic Complex in Midtown Detroit since the 1940s. The complex includes the Majestic Theatre, Majestic Cafe, Garden Bowl and Magic Stick. Daiza owns Elektricity club in Pontiac, which is known for hosting club parties and popular DJs and electronic music stars.

Zainea says only the Magic Stick is undergoing major renovations, but the Majestic Theater will change a bit, too.

"The rock and roll market is saturated, it's time to change," he says. "I'm excited about it."

Zainea says construction on the Magic Stick will begin in the next few weeks, and he hopes to be finished by April 15, if not, the first week of May.

Live music concerts will continue in the Majestic Cafe and in the Majestic Theatre, which will be 100 years old this year. Zainea says the 1,000-capacity Majestic Theatre will have a flexible capacity of 400-1,000 in the future.

"I'm a rock and roller at heart, I'm not giving up," says Zainea, of keeping live music. He says hosting more electronic music is a smart move, though. "Amir has a good track record and I think it's what's needed downtown."