Iconic Magic Stick to become Populux

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Detroit — Electronic dance music will officially replace billiards, rock and roll and other live music as the Magic Stick reopens as Populux.

Majestic Detroit owner Dave Zainea told The Detroit News earlier this year that he’s teamed up with longtime club owner and electronic dance music DJ Amir Daiza to renovate and rebrand the historic rock venue. Daiza used to own Clutch Cargo’s and currently owns EDM venue Elektricity, both in Pontiac.

A press release sent out Tuesday revealed the new name for the venue is Populux, which “derives from the retro-futurism of design and arts.”

Daiza said in the release it’s “a rebirth of the word, much like the rebirth of Detroit, the rebirth of the Majestic Complex and the rebirth of the Detroit techno sound that has influenced the direction of music around the world.”

Zainea said in January a $300,000 renovation will include a new sound system, new bathrooms, a bigger stage, and updates to the outdoor deck, service bars and general cosmetic improvements.

“The rock ’n’ roll market is saturated; it’s time to change,” said Zainea, whose family has owned the Majestic Complex in Midtown Detroit since the 1940s. The Magic Stick has hosted live music for more than two decades. “I’m excited about it.”

Live rock, pop, metal and other music will continue in other areas of the building at the Majestic Cafe and Majestic Theatre. The latter, which has its 100 anniversary this year, has a flexible capacity of 400 to 1,000.

According to the Majestic Detroit’s calendar, the last live music show at Magic Stick will be Tigers Jaw with Lemuria and Somos on April 9. Populux is schedule to debut in mid-April.