George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus celebrate 'Hell'

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

George Morris is going to hell.

The Metro Detroit singer, songwriter and frontman of George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus just released his new album, "We Will Go to Hell for This." It's his first release under the George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus banner, but it's just as much of a one-man effort as his 2013 set, "Organ Solos."

"We talked about bringing the band in on this record and we attempted it a little bit, but I just decided I was too far along on it," says Morris, on the phone last week from his Royal Oak home. "I'm starting to realize that I like to do everything myself. I wish I could delegate some things as far as writing and recording go, but they never turn out the way I want it."

Morris and his bandmates play a release party for the new album Friday at the Pike Room in Pontiac, part of an eight-date Midwest tour behind "We Will Go to Hell for This." The album is full of poppy hooks and bouncy, Beatlesque melodies that are often laid out over Morris' homemade beats.

"I had a lot of fun building the beats, and I got better at it as I learned how to do it," he says. "It was fun blending those beats with some real drums, and I like the sound to be kind of contradictory. Some of the songs are more melancholy, but they still have dance beats. I guess whenever I write something that's one side, I have to add something to it on the other side, just to balance it out."

The songs, which Morris worked on over the least two years, are more about mood and feel than any specifics in the songwriting, he says.

"It seems like it has a theme. I'm not sure what the theme is, but it seems to flow to me," says Morris. "I'm always kind of lost on meaning, I think I tend to make up the meaning later, or maybe it becomes clearer later on to me. Everybody has their own meanings to songs, so I like to leave that up to the listener."

Morris is focusing his efforts on tightening his live shows with the Gypsy Chorus, which he formed in 2013, and his band is currently at a place where he's proud to show them off.

"I think we're good now. It takes a lot of shows to get really good and tight, and I think this tour is what we need to take the next step," he says. "I think we're ready for it. It's a lot more fun when the band's really good."

George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus

With Sick of Sarah

and the Sunburns

7 p.m. Friday

Pike Room,

1 S. Saginaw St., Pontiac

Tickets $8 in advance,

$10 day of show

(248) 858-9333,