Thomas Rhett: Tangled up and Faster Horses-bound

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Thomas Rhett is finally finished with his second album, “Tangled Up.” He turned it in to his record company this week, so it’s out of his hands and there’s no more tinkering with it.

“Of course there are a million things that I’d love to go change,” says Rhett, the 25-year-old country singer from southern Georgia who broke through with his 2013 debut album “It Goes Like This.” “But at some point as an artist you have to realize that what you did was good, and you have to let go of it.”

Rhett is happy to let go of “Tangled Up” (out Sept. 25), which he calls a “pretty out there record.” “It’s a big ball of yarn, and all of these songs are in knots, and none of them really fit together,” says Rhett, who performs at Faster Horses on Sunday. “But at the same time they are all, cohesively, Thomas Rhett songs.”

“Crash and Burn,” the album’s first single, has an old-school R&B feel to its chorus. He says he wasn’t sure at first if people would embrace it, but when it was released it became his fastest-selling song to date, and its reception encouraged him to go even further with some of the other songs on the album

“If you can know what 60 percent of the record is going to be and then put a single out, that leaves you the rest of the percentage to wiggle around and say, ‘well, that worked, so we’re definitely going to put this song on there,’” says Rhett, the son of country singer Rhett Akins. “It was a nice process to be able to do that.”

Rhett, who has authored singles for Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line and others, calls second single candidate “Die a Happy Man” a “nostalgic, super soul R&B-influenced love song,” and “Party Like You’re on Vacation” borrows from War’s “Low Rider” to the point where the band is credited as co-writers on the song. (Rhett also released a cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” earlier this year, but there’s no word if it’s on the album.)

While the singer is busy touring with Florida Georgia Line and doing stadium dates with Luke Bryan, he’s already looking down the road at his third album.

“I think that we really started to rope in my sound halfway through (“Tangled Up”),” he says. “So I think record three will completely be a whole different story from record two, because I think me and my producers have come so far creatively, and I think we’re going to be able to go in the studio and really just nail some cool stuff for the next record.”

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