‘Outraged’ Cher: Snyder ‘either a liar or an idiot’

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

An “outraged” Cher discussed Flint’s water crisis on “The View” Friday, and the outspoken star slammed Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for his comments about the situation.

“I cannot believe the governor said he would let his grandchildren bathe in this water,” she said by phone, referring to comments Snyder made in an interview with Fox 2’s Charlie LeDuff. “I mean, he’s either a liar or an idiot.”

Cher also said Snyder should resign from office over the issue.

“Taking complete responsibility is stepping down when you see what you’ve done, and he knew what he was doing,” she said. When asked by “View” co-host Joy Behar if she thinks Snyder should be jailed, Cher replied, “I’ve said that he’s wearing his pinstripes in the wrong direction.”

Cher was one of the first celebrities to speak up about the water crisis in Flint, and has continued to hammer the issue on Twitter.

She told “The View” she became interested in Michigan when she heard about its use of Emergency Managers.

“Michigan is basically a dictatorship, because the government appoints these people, they’re called Emergency Managers, they can go into any community, any county, and they can usurp the authority of all the people that are government elected officials,” she said. “They can come in and do anything. And I had read something that wasn’t this devastating, but it made me angry. When this happened, I was outraged.”

The 69-year-old actress and singer, who grew up in Southern California, said she can relate to the people of Flint.

“I grew up as a poor child, and I know what it’s like to have no one care about you or to have no power,” she said. “And so I just cannot tell you the outrage that I feel.”

Cher was joined on the show by Flint Mayor Karen Weaver. One of “The View’s” co-hosts, Paula Faris, hails from Jackson and has family in Flint.

Cher has sent 200,000 bottles of water to aid people in Flint. “I’ve been supporting a clean health water company that works in Africa and India,” she said. “It never occurred to me that we would have to have a company involved that would do something to help people in America.”