Clothing store Showtime Detroit closes for good

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Unique clothing and instrument store Showtime Detroit has closed its Woodward shop permanently, says owner Dan Tatarian.

Opened since the late 1980s, the store at Woodward and E. Palmer just south of Interstate 94 was known for carrying flashy outfits, costumes and leather goods attractive to musicians and performers. Tatarian says he closed because “it doesn’t fit my politics to be in that area anymore.”

He says there’s been “a change in culture” in the Midtown area of Detroit.

“The atmosphere of the Cass Corridor is gone and all the people that were a part of it. Now it’s becoming Birmingham and the rich are coming here and pushing everyone out with no regard for anybody around them.”

Tatarian says M-1 Rail construction hurt his business and made parking difficult for his customers. He closed temporarily in the fall of 2014; around the same time some of his biggest supporters started a GoFundMe page which raised almost $2,000.

He closed Showtime’s Woodward store for good on Dec. 31, and hopes to reopen in a new neighborhood.

“I want to be in a more culturally diverse neighborhood where there’s different cultures, different nationalities and people who work hard for their money ... and care about each other.”

The rock and roll clothier says he was looking at Southwest Detroit for a new location, and now he’s eyeing Hamtramck and Highland Park.

“I like Hamtramck because of the diversity,” he says. “I like the culture mix, and I think that’s important.”