Kid Rock, Ted Nugent meet with President Donald Trump

Photo shows Rock, Nugent and Sarah Palin in the Oval Office with the President

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

The White House got a heavy dose of Michigan rock ’n’ roll on Wednesday when Kid Rock and Ted Nugent made a trek to the Oval Office to meet with President Donald Trump.

Photos surfaced early Thursday showing Rock, Nugent and Sarah Palin with Donald Trump. Rock is joined by his reported fiancé, Audrey Berry, while the Nuge is flanked by his wife, Shemane.

Nugent posted about the meeting on Facebook using some colorful Nugent flourishes. “Well well well looky looky here boogie chillin’, I got your Shot Heart Round The World right here in big ol greazyass Washington DC where your 1 & only MotorCity Madman WhackMaster StrapAassassin1 dined with President Donald J Trump at the WhiteHouse to Make America Great Again!” he posted. “Got that? Glowing all American over the top WE THE PEOPLE gory details coming ASAP!! BRACE!”

Other than WhackMasters, there’s no word yet on what Rock, Nugent and company discussed with the president.

Another photo posted showed Nugent, Palin and Rock posing in front of a portrait of former first lady Hillary Clinton.

Both Rock and Nugent’s names have been tossed around as potential Senate candidates in 2018.

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