Eminem's 'Revival' to be released Dec. 15

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
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 Fans can listen to Eminem's "Revival" as soon as Dec. 15, according to an Instagram video posted by Dr. Dre on Tuesday. 

Fans can listen to Eminem's "Revival" as soon as Dec. 15, according to an Instagram video posted by Dr. Dre on Tuesday.

People expected the album to be released on Nov. 17, but Eminem gave little information about “Revival,” its release, or even its existence during a radio interview on SiriusXM’s Shade 45 that same day.

“What album?” was the repeated refrain from Paul Rosenberg, Em’s manager, who joined Eminem in the studio on SiriusXM’s Shade 45.

However, the stealth marketing campaign for Eminem’s ninth album has had fans scouring social media and watching fake infomercials for more than a month.

Dr. Dre posted the video on Instagram Tuesday saying "Use as prescribed by your doctor." 

In the infomercial, "Revival" was said to treat "moderate to severe Atrox Rithimus"

"You've spent the last few weeks hearing about Revival...Revival isn't a medication at all, Revival is the name of the new album from Eminem and it's coming out on Dec. 15," the video said. 

The albums first single “Walk on Water,” released Nov. 10 features Beyoncé on the chorus. 

"I didn't keep up with the 'signs' that pointed to one date or another but it was obvious something was coming. I'm definitely excited to hear what he's got. It's long overdue," said Taylor Dall, 24, of Detroit who works in advertising, owns a music licensing company and acts as a social media strategist for artists.

Dall said starting off with Beyoncé was impressive and she's curious to see who else will appear on the album.

"The release announcement is fun. We needed to hear an official statement," Dall said. "People can only speculate for so long before they get bored of something and stop talking. I think their timeline for the campaign was well thought out." 


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