Watch: Big Sean performs 'Bigger Than Me' at Ford gala

The Detroit rapper gave rise to his 2017 track during Ford's celebration in front of Michigan Central Depot

Adam Graham
The Detroit News
Detroit recording artist Big Sean plays to fans.

Detroit — Big Sean gave his song "Bigger Than Me" a grand spotlight as part of Ford's celebration at Michigan Central Depot on Tuesday.

The Detroit rapper hit the stage in front of the hulking building that has been a sign of Detroit blight for decades and performed the song, the closing track of his 2017 album "I Decided."

"Detroit, if you love Detroit, make some noise right now!" the Motor City native said to the crowd assembled in front of the 100-plus year old building. He was backed by a high school choir and wore a vintage Michael Jackson T-shirt on stage. 

For the event, "Bigger Than Me" did require one significant edit: In the song, Sean raps, "All I ever wanted was to turn these Gs into Ms and a Mercedes key." He notably changed to the vehicle reference to "Ford key" on Tuesday. 

After the song, Sean spoke to the audience. "For as long as I can remember, this train station has been abandoned," the 30-year-old rapper said. He then noted his excitement surrounding downtown's development efforts spilling over into the the city's neighborhoods. 

Sean then performed a chorus of "One Man Can Change the World," his Grammy-nominated 2015 single, which he dedicated to his grandmother. He referenced Henry Ford and his contributions to world-changing, including the assembly line. "That really changed the whole game," Sean said.

As he exited the stage, Sean embraced Bill Ford, Jr., and he plugged his D.O.N. Weekend of events, this weekend's celebration that includes a fundraiser for the Motown Museum on Thursday and an east side block party on Saturday. The block party is free and open to the public.

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