Big Sean shoots music video as Detroiters watch at Spirit Plaza

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
Big Sean exits a limo in Detroit's Spirit Plaza.

Detroit — Dozens gathered around Spirit Plaza Tuesday afternoon to get a glimpse of Detroit's own Big Sean as he shot a scene for an upcoming music video.

Food trucks were moved and sidewalks outside the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center closed as the rapper was filmed riding in a Lincoln Krystal limousine with fake paparazzi following.

Big Sean's crew declined to share details of the video or for which song, hoping to keep the project private.

Crews use daylight-balanced halogen lights, when needed, to light up the Big Sean music video scene at Spirit Plaza in Detroit.

Garrett Glassburn said he heard directors say the music video was being shot for Big Sean's song "Again," which hasn't been released.

"They've just been filming the same scene over and over again with paparazzi gathered around the limo," said Glassburn, who works in the Ally building. "It's lunchtime downtown. They can't really tell people not to take pictures."

Elena Trimai also left the Ally building she works in for lunch and watched the filming for more than a half hour.

"It's exciting," she said. "He came out really slow and nobody said anything except not to take pictures. But I'm not moving... I'll take a half day to watch this."

Sean wiped his Instagram account clean about a month ago, restarting with three new videos titled "my thoughts," "CLARITY" and "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE."

Big Sean music video director Lawrence Lamont talks with reporters during a break in shooting.

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The rapper's last two albums, "I Decided" and "Double or Nothing," his collaboration with producer Metro Boomin', were released in 2017.
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Local 4 reporter Kim DeGiulio, right, interviews Robert Shannon, of Detroit, in front of the Spirit of Detroit, during a break in the filming of a Big Sean music video.