Detroit still loves its Romeo native Kid Rock.

His adoring fans made that clear at the first of his two-weekend, four-concert series on Friday at DTE Energy Music Theatre — the first concert he’s done in Metro Detroit since 2017. 

Fans, adorned in Kid Rock gear from head to toe, tossed back beers and tapped their boots to the songs, especially the ones praising Michigan. 

Diana Sanchez, 60, of Westland was one of those fans, except she was tapping in her Kid Rock shoes and knee-high "American Badass" socks. 

Friday night was her 86th Kid Rock concert, and Saturday will mark her 87th. She’s also going to both concerts scheduled for next weekend. 

“He puts on such a great performance,” she said. “I love when he jumps. His show mesmerizes me.” 

Her Kid Rock obsession started in 2004 after she heard his hit “Only God Knows Why.” 

“The obsession has grown over 15 years, and I don’t know why,” she said. 

For many fans, it’s the pride Kid Rock, also known as Robert Ritchie, has for his hometown and his country. 

“Detroit will never stop loving Kid Rock,” said Jennifer Storre, 55, of Grand Rapids. 

The love for Detroit and Michigan was shown from the minute Kid Rock hit the stage wearing a Detroit emblazoned jacket and singing “Son of Detroit” as dancers swung around poles on each side of the stage. 

“It’s nice to be back home and rocking with y’all tonight,” he told the crowd. 

Kid Rock kept Friday’s show about music and not politics, but he didn’t shy away from showing the pride he has in the U.S. and the American flag. Veterans joined him on stage at one point, and he dedicated a portion of the show to a video montage of soldiers fighting for freedom and Americans living in freedom. 

The crowd really went wild when he reminded everyone that there’s “nothing in the world like a Michigan summer” and broke into his hit “All Summer Long.” 

He added more Detroit to the show later on with a tribute to Motown by performing a rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.” 

The show came with Kid Rock’s high-energy jumps, and some choreographed dancing during “Wasting Time.” 

“We can do some of that Justin Bieberbull (expletive), too,” he said while dancing with members of his band, Twisted Brown Trucker. 

Lee Brice opened the show and will open Saturday's as well. Blackberry Smoke will perform the Sept. 13 and 14 shows.

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