Canadian musician cited by police after climbing Ambassador Bridge tower

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

A Canadian musician who climbed the Ambassador Bridge on Saturday to hang a banner promoting his band was cited by police.

Luke Heney climbed up the bridge's south tower to hang a 25-foot banner that read "1988 'Crossfire,'" CKLW-AM (800) said on its web site. Heney's band is called 1988 and its newest album is called "Crossfire."

The radio station also posted photos on social media sites Instagram and Twitter about the stunt.

"After more than three hours perched high above the city, Heney was shocked that no one noticed he was there," wrote Gord Bacon, a reporter for CKLW. Bacon also tweeted about Heney's climb.

Windsor police officials confirmed they cited a man for climbing the bridge Saturday but are not releasing his name.

Police brought the man to the ground with the help of bridge personnel and arrested him, said Windsor Police Sgt. Steve Betteridge, a spokesman for the department.

"He faces a criminal code charge of mischief," he said. "The Windsor Police cannot stress how dangerous this stunt was. He put his life and all of the lives of everyone else using the bridge and first responders in danger. What he did was selfish. Not only that, it was a criminal offense that put lives at risk." 

Heney told Bacon after he had climbed back down the bridge, a construction worker saw him and called police, who arrived after he had reached the base of the bridge.

As long as he promised to appear in court and remain about 550 yards away from the bridge, he could remain free on bond, Bacon's report also said.

Built in 1929, the Ambassador Bridge, a 7,500-feet long suspension span, connects Detroit and Windsor, Ontario. It is the busiest international crossing in North America based on volume and is owned by billionaire businessman Manuel "Matty" Moroun.

Its twin towers stand about 386 feet over the river and dive 115 feet under the river's surface.