Detroit rapper's 'Coronavirus' song spreading online

Gmac Cash practices social distancing in new song that's quickly catching on

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Coronavirus now has an anthem, courtesy of a topical Detroit rapper.  

Gmac Cash has released "Coronavirus," a song about self-isolating in these unprecedented times. 

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash.

"I'ma chill at the crib cuz I'm safe here," Gmac raps, "I ain't even bout to drink me a Corona beer." 

He continues: "I'm bout to stay at the crib for about a year, and I ain't coming back out until this s--- clear."

He goes on to discuss avoiding the infected by canceling plans and staying home, while giving proper hygiene advice: "make sure you wash your hands with a lot of love," he raps.  

Gmac Cash's "Coronavirus" single.

And then, of course, the chorus: "Move b----, you got coronavirus, ooh s---, you got coronavirus/ we ain't finna do s--- with this coronavirus, I ain't finna take a trip with this coronavirus." 

The song, which clocks in at just under two minutes and was released on Saturday, is the latest from Gmac Cash, the comic rapper who specializes in quick cash-ins on newsworthy or popular themes.

Last year he released "We On the Lodge Wit It," after a video of Detroiters doing donuts on the Lodge freeway made the rounds online, and he's also made songs about Popeyes Chicken ("Popeyes Got Roaches"), Michigan's roads ("Potholes") and bummer winters ("Snow"). 

"Cornavirus" is, well, catching on. The song's video was released Monday and has racked up 197,000 views and counting. It's his most popular YouTube video to date, and so as not to be too flippant about the disease, he's included a link to the CDC's coronavirus website underneath the video. 

Watch the video below; warning: explicit lyrics. 

Of course there's a challenge to go with the video; on his Instagram, the rapper is asking for fans to share their own videos to go with the "Coronavirus" song, under the hashtag #coronaviruschallenge.

Who knows, maybe it will go viral.

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