Artist Spotlight: Boyfrienders

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News
Local band Boyfrienders.

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Name: Boyfrienders

Sound: Power pop and indie pop 

Lineup: Poppy Morawa, guitar and lead vocals; Matthew Stonebraker, guitar; Celeste Jones, bass and vocals; Evan Laybourn, drums.

History: Songwriter Morawa and Stonebraker has been close friends for more than a decade. Bassist Jones has a solo project called Lester and Laybourn — who also plays in the bands No Fun Club, Soloveichik and Perpetual Care — is the newest member of Boyfrienders. 

Next: The Wyandotte-based band recently released the 11-song album "Midwest Alive in Nightmares." The largely upbeat collection of tunes is sold digitally with some limited-edition vinyl and cassette copies. A release party show at the Sanctuary in Hamtramck was scheduled for this month but had to be postponed due to rising COVID-19 cases. Boyfrienders will book a new date this spring with friends Seaholm, Equipment and Goodluckry. Listen to the band at

Melody Baetens