Grapevine: Keanu thwarts intruder, Dre scraps 'Detox'

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Reeves thwarts intruder

Whoa. A woman in her mid-40s broke into Keanu Reeves' Hollywood Hills home this week while "The Matrix" actor was sleeping, TMZ reports. Reeves was woken from his slumber at around 4 a.m. Monday when he heard noises coming from his library, which is no doubt filled with many fine picture books. Reeves entered the room and found the woman sitting there, silently. He calmly spoke to her, and when she explained she was there to meet him, he called 911 and authorities arrived on the scene and took her into custody. She was given a psychiatric evaluation. We're guessing Reeves then went back to sleep and dreamed about grabbing some gnarly waves.

Hammond coming back to 'SNL'

Darrell Hammond is returning to "Saturday Night Live." The "SNL" vet, who worked on the show from 1995 to 2009 — the longest tenure of any performer in the show's 40-year history — will return this year as the show's announcer, replacing the late Don Pardo, the show's longtime announcer who died last month at the age of 96. Hammond, who is known for his impressions of Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Donald Trump and more, has filled in for Pardo before, doing the show's introductions in Pardo's voice when Pardo was unable to perform. "SNL's" season premiere, with host Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande, airs Sept. 27.

Dr. Dre's 'Detox' is no longer

"Don't worry about that 'Detox' album, it's comin!" That's what Eminem said way back in 2004 on the outro of his "Encore" album about Dr.Dre's"Detox," which even then was so delayed that Em was forced to try to silence doubters about the mythological project's existence. Well, it's 10 years later and "Detox" still doesn't exist, and this week we got news that "Detox" will never exist — at least under the "Detox" title. "The album that (Dre's) working on is not called 'Detox,'" says Dawaun Parker, a former producer at Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, speaking to Jeff Weiss and Nocando's "Shots Fired" podcast. "He scrapped 'Detox' a couple years ago and came up with another title." No telling yet what that title is, but we're assuming it's no closer to completion than "Detox" ever was. So R.I.P. "Detox," long live Dre's untitled project that, whatever you want to call it, is now 15 years in-the-making.

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