Grapevine: Newman daughters ticked at Newman’s Own CEO

Daughters unhappy over ‘Newman’s Own’

Vanity Fair reports that the late Paul Newman’s daughters are unhappy with Robert Forrester, the Newman pal who has been running the food company Newman’s Own since the actor’s death at age 83 in 2008. “I will not be muzzled any longer,” said Newman’s eldest daughter, Susan Newman, 62, in Vanity Fair’s August issue. “Some family members may be angry at me for speaking out, but I feel like the Newman family has been taken hostage by Bob Forrester,” she added. Newman claims her father’s will was to have given each of his five daughters $1 million dollars, as well as well-funded charitable foundations. The actor, who was having memory issues in the months before he died, changed his will 12 times, the last time not long before his death. Furthermore, daughter Nell’s image, which graced “Newman’s Organics” labels alongside her father, has disappeared. Nell Newman founded the brand. Forrester said: “Paul never thought of Newman’s Own as a family enterprise ... At one time, he was giving some thought to having one daughter on each board serving a time-limited term, but ultimately decided against doing so.” Newman’s widow, Joanne Woodward, 85, is still alive, but is reportedly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Suge staying put

Former Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight must stay in jail, a Los Angeles judge ruled, refusing to lower his bail from $10 million. Knight was jailed after he was charged with murder for allegedly running over two men with his pickup truck outside a Compton, California, restaurant. According to, the rap music mogul’s lawyers argued that a running prison toilet was causing him distress and that he “might” have a brain tumor. Because of those things, they urged that he be moved to a different facility with better medical facilities. Nope, said the judge. Knight is due back in court Sept. 17.

Swift road to romance

Singer Taylor Swift is shaking off her rocky romantic history, it seems, as her newish boyfriend, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, says their relationship “is going absolutely fantastic” (OK, so he’s not an English teacher). Harris, 31, who’s been dating Swift, 25, since early this year, spilled on how happy the couple is in an interview on KISS-FM. He is bemused by the press reports about their romance. “It does get more and more ridiculous, from me apparently being allergic to cats or Taylor and I are moving in together or we’re getting married next week,” he said. They aren’t, if you wondered.

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