Grapevine: ‘Pharma Bro’ tells all to Vanity Fair

The confessions of Pharma Bro’

In an interview scheduled to run in the February “Vanity Fair,” universally loathed “Pharma Bro’ ” Martin Shkreli, 32, told the magazine’s Bethany McLean that he got into pharmaceuticals after being a hedge fund manager because “there wasn’t enough money in hedge funds.” This despite the fact that Shkreli reportedly found enough hedge fund money to take and was arrested on securities fraud charges Thursday by the FBI.

“You could say that that is the biggest (extreme cuss word deleted) answer ever. Like most things I say, this could sound really off-putting,” Shkreli said. Ya think? In the interview, Shkreli alternately compares himself to 19th century robber barons, and also Robin Hood, although how he’s helping poor people by jacking up the price of drugs he gains the rights to, Pharma Bro’ didn’t quite explain. (In a new development Friday, Shkreli resigned his position as chairman of drugmaker Turing Pharmaceuticals’ board of directors.)

One bit of public service he provides is giving Donald Trump yet another punching bag: Trump barked that the pouty Shkreli “looks like a spoiled brat,” to which Shkreli replied, “My parents were immigrants and janitors. (Trump) inherited wealth! ... and I thought we could be friends.”

Weiland died of overdose

Scott Weiland, the 48-year-old former Stone Temple Pilots singer who died Dec. 3 while on tour with his new band, The Wildabouts, fell victim to a lethal mix of alcohol, cocaine and MDA, a relative of Ecstasy, according to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office. On Friday, the medical examiner ruled the death in Bloomington, Minnesota, an accidental overdose, according to

Luke Petitgout goes to jail

After catching his wife out with a man she met on an adult sex site at a Rockefeller Center bar in New York, former New York Giants lineman Luke Petitgout slugged both of them. On Friday, a judge sentenced Petitgout to 30 days in jail for harassment, according to Page Six. But the judge cleared Petitgout, 39, of the most serious charge — attempted assault. During the one-week, nonjury trial, the former football star and wife Jennifer each took the stand and admitted they’d registered with an adult sex site in a last-ditch bid to perk up their marriage — a gambit that apparently didn’t work out as hoped. Petitgout’s attorney argued for holding the jail term ’till after the holidays, but the judge did not relent.

Saturday’s birthdays

Jake Gyllenhaal , 35

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Cicely Tyson , 82