Society Confidential: Madonna tells son, come home now

Susan Whitall and Chuck Bennett

Teenage problems

Few 15-year-old boys want to spend all their time with their mothers, and now, according to the New York Post, it appears our own Madonna (well, Rochester claims her) is having trouble making her teenage son Rocco come home to spend the holidays with her. Rocco, whose father is filmmaker Guy Ritchie, is tired of touring with Mama Madonna, according to Ritchie’s attorney, and hasn’t been getting along with her. Madonna is insistent that her son return to New York, while Rocco wants to remain in London with his dad. After Rocco refused to board a plane to come home, Madonna went to court Wednesday to force him. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Deborah Kaplan ordered the wayward teen to rejoin his mother, but he’s indicating that it won’t happen. There’s also a court proceeding going on in London, but Madonna is insisting the matter belongs in a New York court. The judge ordered Madonna to talk the problem over with Ritchie before she goes back to court in a few weeks. The couple divorced in 2008.

More ugly sweaters

Former Third Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter hosted a, well, “ugly” holiday party at her plush Palmer Park digs Tuesday attended by a number of prominent Metro Detroiters dressed in their most hideous holiday sweaters and onesies. On the electronic invitation, Baxter encouraged guests to “wear ugly sweaters, onesies and clothes that you can spill food on, and it will be an improvement.” The invite went on to say that all five of Baxter’s fireplaces would be aglow, “so bring your list of ‘Shish I Want Out of My Life’ and throw it onto the bonfire and POOF! It’s as good as gone from your life in 2016.” Aside from having chute issues with one of the fireplaces, causing a backup of smoke, it was a fabulously festive affair with guests sipping champagne and noshing on lamb chops, filet mignon, and grilled salmon (prepared by Baxter with the help of a team from L.A. Taste Therapy).

“I just wanted a fun way to celebrate the holidays and look forward to the New Year,” Baxter said. Among her guests were several federal judges, including the Honorable Denise Page Hood and her husband, the Rev. Nicholas Hood; the Honorable Victoria Roberts; singer Millie Scott; and attorneys Harold and Sandra Bulger.

A new talent

Aspiring young actress/model/dancer Coco DelSignore of Bloomfield Hills has just raised her performance status to quadruple threat. With the release of a new inspirational song and video, the striking 15-year-old now adds “singer” to her resume. The song, “Together in Peace,” was written by local musician Karen Petrocella, and offers a captivating and timely message of world peace. Coco sings the word “peace” in 17 languages, including Japanese, Esperanto, Afrikaans, Navajo, Chinese, Hindu and Slovakian. The youngest daughter of Bacco Ristorante’s Monica and Luciano DelSignore, Coco is home-schooled and attends Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center in Walled Lake. Many other local kids were featured in the video as well, from Warren Mott High School, Dance Dynamics and the charity organization, Winning Futures. “Together in Peace” by Coco DelSignore can be purchased on iTunes, with proceeds benefiting Winning Futures.