Kim Mathers: DUI sealed because it was a suicide try

Stephanie Steinberg
The Detroit News

Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers called the Detroit radio show “Mojo in the Morning” Wednesday to clear up some rumors about her DUI case.

Mathers admitted to the radio show that she drank and then got in a black Escalade in October 2015 with the intention of crashing her vehicle and ending her life.

“I did this on purpose, and I’m so sorry. I never lied to (first responders). I told them everything that I did,” she said on air, adding, “I didn’t expect to make it out alive.”

The crash occurred at 23 Mile and Card roads in Macomb County. According to 911 reports, Mathers smashed into a ditch, hit a utility pole and landed upside down. Police reports say a first responder on the scene asked how much she had to drink. Mathers replied a fifth of Malibu rum.

The court case records were sealed, which raised questions about if she was receiving special treatment.

Mathers, 41, opened her call with Channel 955 by saying, “Our family has never gotten preferable treatment, or whatever, in any court case that we’ve had ... everything that we’ve ever done has been public.”

Mathers says the court records were sealed, not because of her status, but because the incident was a suicide attempt.

“After I realized how much drama it was causing, I willingly unsealed the files so that everybody can know my personal business, yet again,” she says.

Mathers’ twin sister died in January at age 41 in a Warren trailer park, where she was found unresponsive from an alleged drug overdose. Before her death, Mathers says she was “starting to do better.”

“Just everything that was being said about her, it just hurts,” she says.

Radio host Mojo asked if Mathers’ ex-husband Eminem has been there for her during her struggle with depression.

“He’s been real supportive,” she said. “We’re really close friends. We’re just trying to raise our kids together and make it as normal for them as possible.”

Mathers said she’s receiving help.

“Unless you really know somebody, and what’s going on on the inside ... don’t judge anybody,” she said. “Like, you have no idea what happens in my life, in my private life, and no one ever will. They just see what’s out there and judge, and it’s not right.”

Mathers’ attorney Michael Smith has filed motions to throw out evidence and dismiss the case. He told Channel 4 this week that Mathers wasn’t in the right state of mind when she consented to blood tests. The prosecution says Mathers was not incapacitated and consent was freely given.

A hearing is scheduled at 1:30 p.m. May 26 in 41A District Court in Shelby Township.

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