Grapevine: ‘Superman’ duds start at $40K

Late actor Reeve’s ‘Superman’ duds start at $40K

The “muscle tunic” worn by the late Christopher Reeve in 1978’s “Superman” will be up for auction at Nate D. Sanders Auctions of Los Angeles through Jan. 26. Page Six reports online bids will start at $40,000. Designed by Oscar-winner Yvonne Blake, the world’s most-famous PJ’s are made of sweat-absorbent fabric from Germany. The outfit comes complete with cape and two stitched holes where you can attach a flying harness — just like they did in the film. Reeve, who died in 2004 at age 52, appeared in the Richard Donner-directed original “Superman,” as well as in three subsequent versions. Also on the Sanders auction block? Michael Keaton’s bat-duds from 1992’s “Batman Returns.” It starts at $35,000.

No free haircut for Marla

You still want a bargain, even if you’re one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives, right? Apparently the president-elect’s second bride, Marla Maples, had her people contact Tricia Kelly, a noted Washington, D.C., hairstylist to see if she couldn’t whip up an inaugural special for Maples, 53, and daughter Tiffany Trump, 23. Initially Maples’ assistant talked Kelly down to a package deal for just $200. But then the assistant changed course, suggesting Kelly just do the whole thing for free — in exchange for “exposure.” The hairstylist was having none of it. “I was stunned,” Kelly said, according to Page Six. “I told them, ‘I work for a fee, not for free.’ ”

So many Ivankas!

President-elect Donald Trump, 70, thought he was tagging his daughter, Ivanka, 35, in a tweet Monday night, but instead inadvertently reached the wrong Ivanka, according to People. Trump tweeted that CNN would be doing a “special report on my daughter, Ivanka. Considering it is CNN, can’t imagine it will be great.” Unfortunately, the Ivanka tagged turned out to be Ivanka Majic in Great Britain, who responded, “And you’re a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about #climatechange.”

Prince William wants to run marathon

Who could blame an energetic heir to the throne, particularly when his sister-in-law, Pippa Middleton, 33, already ran one in Kenya? “Good Morning Britain” host Sean Fletcher told reporters Tuesday that Prince William, 34, said he was up for the long-distance competition. People reported the two chatted at an event featuring William, his wife, Kate, 35, and Prince Harry, 32, to benefit Heads Together, the royals’ mental-health charity. William’s better half, however, expressed a little skepticism. “I’ll believe it when I see it,” Fletcher recalled Kate saying.

Michael’s death overdose

Andros Georgiou, a cousin and longtime friend of singer George Michael, told the BBC’s “Victoria Derbyshire Show” on Tuesday that he was certain the star’s death resulted from drugs and was not a suicide. Michael, 53, died on Christmas Day. “Hard drugs had been back in his life,” Georgiou said, according to People. “I just think that he took too much of something, mixed with the anti-depressants and the other drugs he was on, with alcohol. I think his heart just stopped beating. You know if you take — if you’re on Xanax for instance, or Temazepam — your heart slows down anyway.” But Georgiou said he was positive heroin wasn’t involved. “That is the one drug he would never touch,” he said.

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