Swimsuit supermodel and actress Kate Upton appears to be totally normal in at least one regard: She’s stressed out over her upcoming wedding.

Engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander for 15 months, Upton — who doesn’t have a dress picked out — has popped up in the media at least twice this week complaining about the stress of the approaching wedding plans.

While appearing on “Good Day New York” to promote a smart pet collar and app with her boxer Harley, the Sports Illustrated model told the hosts the planning is “very stressful.”

“I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” the St. Joseph native said. “Planning the wedding is very stressful. Everyone’s always like ‘it’s your day, do whatever you want.’ But I want everyone else to have fun and be happy, too.”

“I would say I’m delaying everything about weddings,” she joked on Access Hollywood. “The wedding process is really difficult.”

Upton, 25, also lamented that she’s “so sick” of her friends asking for favors regarding the party.

“It’s awful,” she said regarding the guest list. “You suddenly start feeling evil.”

Besides the pressure to manage a guest list that everyone they know will likely want to be on, the model is also not getting much help from her future husband. She said that Verlander would probably enjoy the wedding planning process, but he’s been busy with baseball season.

“He would probably enjoy the process more but he can’t ... with baseball he’s busy all the time, they have very few days off, which means it’s all kind of on me,” she said. “Which is why it keeps getting delayed.”

Upton is busy, too. Along with her modeling career, she’s co-starring in the road trip/sex comedy “The Layover” next month with Alexandra Daddario, Matt Barr, Rob Corddry, Kal Penn, Molly Shannon and William H. Macy.

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