Grapevine: MAC Aaliyah collection coming in 2018

Michael H. Hodges
The Detroit News

MAC Aaliyah makeup line coming in 2018

MAC cosmetics will release a collection next year inspired by the late R&B icon and Detroit native Aaliyah, according to parent company Estee Lauder. Petitions circulated last year demanding that the “Queen of Urban Pop,” whom Essence magazine says was a loyal MAC customer before her death at 22 on a plane in the Bahamas, get her own line and the cosmetics giant responded. “Aaliyah is truly one in a million,” they wrote, “an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all.” Details on the line have yet to be released. Friday marks the 16th anniversary of her death.

Mayweather gets $3.3 million new car

With a sure $300 million coming his way no matter who wins Saturday’s prize fight with Conor McGregor, why not drop one percent of that on a new car? According to TMZ Sports, that’s exactly what “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather did two days ago, dropping $3.3 million on a “triple red,” 2012 Bugatti. The website reports the 40-year-old boxer intended to make a big splash by driving the coupe to the Friday weigh-in.

Bill Nye the Science Guy sues Disney Company

Everyone’s favorite geek, Bill Nye the Science Guy, is suing Walt Disney Co. for $37 million in back profits from his longrunning PBS show of the same name, which aired on PBS from 1994-1999. According to Page Six, the 28-page suit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, says Nye, 61, got a check in April 2008 for $585,000 as his share of net profits. But just a few months later, Disney subsidiary Buena Vista Television retracted its prior calculations, and demanded Nye pay back $496,111. Disney reportedly did not respond to requests for comment.

‘Wonder Woman’ dust-up

James Cameron, the 63-year-old director of “Avatar,” “Aliens” and “Titanic,” told The Guardian that he liked “Wonder Woman,” but thought its politics represented “a step backwards” for the female sex. “WW” director Patty Jenkins, 46, was having none of it, tweeting, “James Cameron’s inability to understand what ‘Wonder Woman’ is, or stands for, to women all over the world is unsurprising as, though, he is a great filmmaker, he is not a woman.” True enough on both counts.

Bodybuilder Rich Piana dies Thursday

Former Mr. California Rich Piana died Thursday at 46. Just two weeks before, the controversial bodybuilder collapsed after getting a haircut from his girlfriend at home. On arrival at the hospital on Aug. 14, doctors put him in a medically induced coma. Piana always admitted to steroid use, though said only professional bodybuilders should use it, which he apparently still was. After he was hospitalized, TMZ Sports reported police found 20 bottles of the steroid testosterone at his home.


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