Kanye West said in a TMZ video this week he was going to meet with Dan Gilbert who he said is “healing Detroit.” 
Seems like he wasn’t blowing smoke, because Ye, as he goes by now, posted a video Tuesday afternoon of him with Gilbert from what looks like the StockX offices at 1 Campus Martius in Detroit. The video shows Gilbert and employees explaining the StockX app to West on a giant iPhone. 

They used the sneaker-trading app to show West his new Yeezy shoe ($235) and start to explain how the platform works when the video cuts off. 

Later Tuesday, West tweeted a brief video captioned "Bedrock Detroit" that appeared to show a three-dimensional model of the Motor City.

He also posted a picture of a tabletop carton filled with what seemed to be insects. "My dad and I are going to eat this plate of bugs to celebrate him beating cancer," read the post above the image. "No more fear."
West has been in the news all week after his musical performance on “Saturday Night Live.” He performed three times; after his third performance at the end, he delivered a speech that was described by some as a “pro-Trump rant.” His comments were not aired on NBC.

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