Kanye West says he’s backing away from politics

Clementine Fletcher
Bloomberg News

Musician and fashion designer Kanye West, who discussed prison sentencing and North Korea over lunch with President Donald Trump just earlier this month, tweeted today that his “eyes are now wide open” and that he’s backing away from politics.

West, in one of a series of tweets, said he had never wanted any association with so-called “Blexit,” a call for African-Americans to leave the Democratic party. The Washington Post had reported West, who has a contract with Adidas AG, had designed a line of T-shirts supporting the cause.

Ahead of next week’s mid-term U.S. elections, to be held Nov. 6, West also reiterated his support for prison reform, something he and his wife Kim Kardashian West have discussed with Trump and other administration officials on previous occasions.

West has attracted attention over previous controversial statements. In May, the Adidas CEO distanced himself from comments West made calling slavery “a choice.” In April this year, the musician also voiced his love for Trump on Twitter.