Cut it out: Dave Coulier moving back home to Michigan

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Some fans may be scoping out St. Clair Shores diners soon in hopes to hear one of the best Popeye impressions in the business.

No, you're not back in the '90s and this isn't TGIF or Nick at Nite.

Dave Coulier, known by "Full House" fans as lovable Uncle Joey Gladstone, is first and foremost a Michigan native, and he's ditching his Los Angeles ZIP code to return to his hometown, according to Hour Detroit.

Dave Coulier

“People say you can never come back home,” he told the magazine. “But (with) this journey, I’m back home. It’s amazing.”

Before he was one of TV's favorite funny uncles, Coulier was a graduate from Notre Dame High School in Harper Woods. He started his comedy career working locally at the Comedy Castle in Royal Oak and moved to Los Angeles at age 19 to work at the Comedy Store with such comedians such as Robin Williams, Jerry Seinfeld and Louie Anderson.

He performed on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" in 1984. Three years later, he starred in the ABC series "Full House" where he showcased his voice impressions and comedy for America's family audiences.

Coulier, a hockey fan from a young age, always showed love for his hometown by repping a Red Wings jersey on the sitcom whenever he could. And who could forget his signature "Cut It Out" catchline?

After 200 episodes of "Full House," where he showed off his skills as a ventriloquist with Mr. Woodchuck, a stuffed beaver who lives in the woods, he went on to do Disney Channel movies.

His father still lives in the St. Clair Shores home where he and his four siblings grew up. At 60 years old, Coulier said he's moving home because it's where he feels most at peace, he told Hour.

"I’ve always been in love with this part of the world," he said. "I find that I’m drawn to Lake St. Clair." 

He told the Troy magazine that living off the lake has been a longtime dream of his and he wanted to follow his impulsiveness and reconnect with his hometown.

Coulier and his wife, Melissa, are building a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home they hope to be living in by next fall. The home will sit on a five-acre property off of Lake St. Clair, a scenic place they’ve visited over the past 14 years to recharge, according to the magazine.

"If you sit and hang back, the world continues traveling right by you," he said. "Thank God, Melissa is very open to that."

While the comedian has been in Hollywood for four decades, he came back to do shows in Michigan where he could also visit family. In 2001, he hosted a Comedy Jam at Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights that raised money to refurbish parts of his high school.

Then, he told The Detroit News, "Detroit as a community has given me so much, it's wonderful to give something back to the people. Detroit will always be home."

He's come a long way since, but Michigan residents shared the magazine story saying as much as they love seeing him on the "Fuller House" reboot on Netflix, they're welcoming him back with open arms.

Jennifer Frankowiak commented on the Hour story on Facebook saying, "I only live 10 minutes from St. Clair Shores. Maybe I'll run into him one day."

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