Nicole Franzel, the "Big Brother" superfan from Ubly, Mich. (in the thumb, population 800), was voted off the CBS reality show during Thursday's live eviction episode.

The 21-year-old is the eighth cast member evicted from the house this season and becomes the third member of the "Big Brother" jury, who will vote next month to determine the cast's $500,000 winner.

Franzel was evicted on a 6-0 vote. She was targeted by Derrick Levasseur, the house guest who is an undercover cop, who is silently in control of the game. Franzel's chief ally and in-house boyfriend, Hayden Voss, was voted out last week, which put Franzel's game in trouble.

After her eviction on Thursday's episode, Franzel laughed about her ouster. "They just really wanted me out of that house," she told host Julie Chen. When asked why she thought she was targeted by the other house guests, Franzel joked, "I'm such a physical beast."

The recent nursing school graduate's game is not completely over, however: She will have a chance to re-enter the house during next Thursday's live episode, when the four jury members will compete for one position to get back in the game.

Franzel proved to be a fan favorite this season, and former "Big Brother" winner Rachel Reilly said on Thursday's show she hopes Franzel gets the chance to compete again.

"I want Nicole to come back so bad," Reilly said. "I think she could go back and really take control of the house."

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