New CW show ‘iZombie’ has plenty of brains

Tom Long
The Detroit News

And now for something completely different: An adorable zombie.

That would be Liv Moore (Rose McIver), and yes, that pun of a name says a lot about “iZombie,” the comic book transformed into a TV show by “Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas. Imagine Veronica with a taste for brains and you’re not far off.

Back when she was alive, Liv was a young doctor working in a Seattle hospital. Then one day she was invited to a party on a boat where she met a scuzzy drug dealer named Blaine (David Anders) right before everybody went crazy and started eating one another.

Liv woke up on shore, but she’d been scratched in the scuffling. Now she’s a zombie. She quickly transferred to the morgue so she could have access to brains and made an ally in Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), an eccentric who guessed her secret easily.

Since Liv tends to feast on the brains of crime victims — preferably with lots of hot sauce — she often inherits their memories and personality traits for a few days. So she ends up partnering with a homicide cop (Malcolm Goodwin) who thinks she’s a psychic with really pale skin.

Thus, in the short run, Liv solves a crime every week. But in the long run, she has to contend with Blaine, who also survived the disastrous boat party and is now a far less honorable zombie.

“iZombie” is over-stuffed with too many characters (mother, younger brother, roommate, ex-fiance), but the camera mostly stays with Liv as she navigates her life as a dead person. Occasionally gory and suffused with black humor, there’s still a sunny sincerity to the show. Simply put, “iZombie” is death done cute.



9 p.m. Tuesday

The CW