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The devil heads down to Houston in 'The Messengers'

Tom Long
The Detroit News

It was probably inevitable. Satan has become a TV character.

At least that's what the first episode of "The Messengers," a new series debuting on The CW tonight, implies. Fittingly, he heads straight to Houston. Do you know how hot it gets in Houston?

Of course, he could just turn out to be the devil's right-hand man. A number of questions hover over this series. Ironically, the actor playing Satan/Whoever is named Dioga Morgado, and he's best known for playing Jesus in the feature film "Son of God." You can't say the universe doesn't have a sense of humor.

Here's the deal: A meteor falls out of the sky and not-so-coincidentally lands directly on the spot where the first atomic bomb was detonated. The huge crash sends out a pulse wave that hits five random (or chosen) people, instantly killing them.

For a few minutes. Then each of them — a scientist looking for extraterrestrials (Shantel VanSanten), a harassed mom (Sofia Black-D'Elia), a bullied high schooler (Joel Courtney), an undercover drug agent (J.D. Pardo) and a televangelist (Jon Fletcher) — comes back to life.

Except now they all (unknowingly) have powers. And invisible wings. And a yearning to get to Houston. Because that's where Satan/Whoever — who emerged from the meteor — is apparently planning to start the apocalypse. What they're going to do besides flap the wings they don't even know they have at him is unclear, but ... we'll see.

Or not. The CW has given birth to good series late in the year before — last year it was "The 100," last month "iZombie" — but "The Messengers" seems far-fetched, even by its standards. Then again, if Satan gets canceled, there could be hell to pay.

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