Ferndale man wins $64K on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

It’s entertaining to see someone local on a national game show, but when they win like Jeremy Cybulski of Ferndale did on Wednesday’s “Wheel of Fortune,” it makes for a much more exciting dinner hour.

Cybulski, a local credit union employee, hit “bankrupt” twice, but won three toss-up games and the second and third puzzle. The latter was a prize puzzle that spelled out “Traditional Irish Music.”

Host Pat Sajak asked Cybulski where he thought the show may be sending him.

“Poland,” he deadpanned.

The married father of one then went on to breeze through the fourth puzzle, picking up another $5,750 for a total of $24,348. It was more than enough to send him to the bonus game.

There, after introducing his friends Jonathan Wilkins and Kristen Schroeder in the audience, Cybulski solved the often-difficult final puzzle. He earned an extra $40,000, for a grand total of $64,348.

Cybulski gathered with friends and family Wednesday night at Ferndale’s New Way Bar to watch the episode. The bar served theme cocktails like the Pat Sajak and Coke and Vanna White Russians.