Veteran Local 4 reporter Roger Weber has made it official: he'll hang up the mic on June 26, after almost 37 years working for the Detroit station. When he started at Channel 4, the station was owned by the Evening News Association, then-publisher of The Detroit News.

Weber posted on his Facebook page: "After nearly 37 years at WDIV, I'm moving on. I'll put down the microphone and pick up my seven iron, fly rod, and tennis racket. I'll miss the good people of Local 4 and the chance to share stories with our loyal viewers. But I have no doubt that I'm making the right decision. I'll savor my first leisurely summer in 42 years before tackling some part-time work. I'm excited about new challenges and new adventures. Above all, I'm looking forward to spending more time with my best friend, my beautiful wife Corinna. My last day is June 26th. I'll keep you all posted as I head down the home stretch."

Fox 2 reporter M.L. Elrick wrote a cheeky tribute to Weber on the social media site, commenting that Weber's retirement was "terrible news for Detroit, Michigan and WDIV Local 4/ClickOnDetroit, but great news for FOX 2 Detroit and WXYZ-TV Channel 7."

Many of Weber's competitors, from WXYZ-TV Channel 7, Fox 2, and from the News and other outlets commented on how they enjoyed working alongside the affable veteran.

Elrick, who worked at Local 4 for a time, also posted: "Reporters are very competitive and, frankly, can be very petty. To paraphrase Kwame M. Kilpatrick, we can be like crabs trying to pull down whoever seems closer to the top of the barrel. But I defy you to find one reporter in this town who has even a minor beef with Roger Weber."

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