Local chefs have ups and downs on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

It’s about halfway through the season of reality cooking show “Hell’s Kitchen,” and only one of two Metro Detroit chefs is still in the game.


On the red team, Hassan Musselmani is an executive catering chef from Detroit and Jared Bobkin, on the blue team, is a chef at Ferndale’s Local Kitchen and Bar. Both began season 15 of the Gordon Ramsay-led show with a loss, and it’s been a series of highs and lows for each of them since then.

The previous week Bobkin took a leadership role, and Musselmani was seen literally sweating it in the kitchen.

Wednesday’s challenge was to cook dinner for Ramsay’s sous chef Andi’s wedding reception, to be held at Hell’s Kitchen. Bobkin’s blue team won the test round, earning them a night off in Las Vegas.

Musselmani and the rest of the red team hung back and helped set up the wedding with celebrity wedding planner Kristin Banta. One of the strangest quotes of the evening came from Musselmani, who couldn’t keep his crush on Banta in check.

“She’s like an angel, wrapped in an angel, stuffed in an angel, served on top of a bed of angel feathers,” he gushed.

As usual, pressure was high in Hell’s Kitchen for the main event, which was Andi’s wedding reception. After the appetizers went out, Ramsay called Bobkin and Musselmani over to tell them it’s been a “terrible start.”

It didn’t improve from there, with both local chefs serving Ramsay chicken that was raw in the middle.

“One more mistake and I’m going to kick you all out,” said Ramsay.

Bobkin redeemed himself in the next move with properly cooked chicken, but Musselmani served Ramsay raw chicken again, leaving the mother of the bride and other guests at the head table waiting for their food.


“This was a wedding reception for a very loyal friend and you know what, I couldn’t even look Andi in the eyes. I was that (expletive) embarrassed,” Ramsay told both teams after the party. He declared neither team would be named the winner and requested that each come up with two people to be considered for the chopping block.

The red team nominated Musselmani and Dannie Harrison, a line cook from Philadelphia who stuck some scallops to a pan during dinner service. The blue team named Bobkin and Chad Gleso, a sous chef from Philadelphia. It was the first time the four were nominated for elimination.

All four chefs defended themselves to Ramsay. In the end, he sent Musselmani back to Detroit. Bobkin, along with Harrison and Gelso, will continue on “Hell’s Kitchen” with their eyes on the grand prize: a head chef position at BLT Steak restaurant at Bally’s Las Vegas.

“I was the best person on the red team and I’m a team player and a hard worker,” said Musselmani after he was eliminated. “I’m cheering for the blue team now.”

Next week the Block restaurant, 3919 Woodward in Detroit, will host a “Hell’s Kitchen” viewing party from 7-10 p.m. on March 2. A green chili chicken dish from Musselmani will be on the menu. We’re confident it will be thoroughly cooked.



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