‘Game of Thrones’ premiere generates 1 million tweets

Mekeisha Madden Toby
Special to The Detroit News

Spoiler alert: This story includes plot points. Stop reading if you have not seen the season-six opener of “Game of Thrones.”

Detroiter Candace Wilson is filled with hope.

Although Jon Snow’s (Kit Harington) friends officially declared him dead when “Game of Thrones” returned Sunday night, Wilson and other fans aren’t giving up on their favorite hero on the hit HBO drama. There is still a chance Melisandre, the Red Woman, (Carice van Houten) could conjure up the power to resurrect him somehow, and it’s that optimism that kept diehard fans from wigging out in their nearly 1 million #GameOfThrones comments on Twitter during the season-six premiere.

“I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Red Woman will bring Jon back to life,” said Wilson, a teacher in her 30s who has read the books that inspired the series. “I never liked the Red Woman or the Lord of Light faith. I still won’t like her even if she brings Jon back. I think she’s evil.”

Fan Andria Doty-Sanders is more accepting. The configuration analyst, like a significant number of Tweeters, said she will start liking the Red Woman if the witch’s list of skills includes supernatural CPR or even shape shifting.

“A part of the me thinks the Red Woman is going to do something to either transform herself into Jon Snow or make him come back,” Doty-Sanders, a Detroiter, said. “This can’t be the end for Jon Snow. Yes, I despised her in all the previous seasons. I have been waiting for her to catch fire and burn. This episode has made me see her in a different light.”

For 10 months, fans like Wilson and Doty-Sanders have been creating potential outcomes in their minds to pass the time until the current season kicked off. As it turns out, the episode they were waiting for still didn’t give a concrete answer.

But suspended knowledge trumps an irrefutable death sentence every time. Making matters more suspenseful, this is the first season the show has surpassed author George R.R. Martin’s books, meaning anything is possible as far as these characters are concerned and it’s those boundless possibilities that will keep folks glued to the screen.

“It’s a great start to a new season,” Wilson said.

‘Game of Thrones’

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