Wayne Bradley off the air at 910 AM Superstation

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News

Detroit radio personality Wayne Bradley is off the air at 910 AM Superstation. Bradley, who is African American, is alleging it’s because he’s a supporter of Donald Trump.

“I was put on ‘hiatus’ at 910 am Superstation the weekend Donald J. Trump came to Detroit,” Bradley said in a public Facebook post Thursday. “I have not been allowed back on the air since. We had a great show going, with so much dialogue going with the community. Somebody wanted that dialogue to end. It’s supposed to be a Voice of the Community, not the silencer of voice and opinion.”

But station owner Kevin Adell said Friday Bradley was fired “for violating corporate policy” and not because of his political stance.

“When I hired Wayne I knew his political views, I knew he was for Trump, it had nothing to do with that,” Adell said. “He violated corporate policy, that’s why he got fired. He was let go for insubordination.”

Bradley, who is State Director of African American Engagement for the Republican National Committee, on Thursday encouraged his supporters to call the station and listed the phone number of Adell and station manager Dody Johnson.

Hours later, he posted again to thank supporters and stated there was “no need to keep calling.”

“Though I am disappointed the show will end on that station, we will back. At least now there is clarification,” Bradley wrote. “Thank You to 910 AM Superstation for the opportunity. I will keep you updated on the next Wayne Bradley Show.”

Adell, who would not elaborate on what corporate policy Bradley violated, said the reason he put Bradley on the air in the first place is because of his views.

“We want that for radio, we’re looking for controversy, we’re looking for the opposite,” he said. “If everyone agrees with us why put him on? But he violated corporate policy and he was let go for that. He’s trying to may hay out of something, and that’s the wrong thing. It has nothing to do with him supporting Trump or Trump coming in.”

Messages to Bradley were not immediately returned Friday.

Bradley wasn’t the only Republican associated with the station. Former Michigan lawmakers Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat are both on air at at noon Saturday and Thursday, respectively. Other on-air hosts are Cliff Woodards, Karen Dumas, former Detroit Police chief Ralph Godbee, Bankole Thompson, Judge Vonda Evans and Christine Beatty.


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