Review: ‘Mariah’s World’ celebrates Carey’s craziness

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

“Mariah’s World” is less a peek inside the world of Mariah Carey than a drop into a familiar reality TV world in which she is the star.

The manufactured drama. The spats. The glamour shots. The confessionals. We’ve been here many times before, and “Mariah’s World” isn’t breaking any molds.

But because the supreme diva Mariah is the star, there’s a certain ridiculous, hilarious, hyper-stylized charm to the proceedings. We’re well past the point where we expect any notion of “reality” out of our reality TV. Mariah happily gobs up that notion, takes her piece of the pie and eats it in a $20,000 designer dress while trying not to spill any on her ample, always-emphasized-for-maximum-effect cleavage.

The eight-part reality series, which premieres Sunday on E!, follows Mariah as she plans her wedding to billionaire James Packer concurrently with what appears to be a hastily tossed together European tour. Judging by the first episode, there’s no telling how the show will handle the wedding’s eventual cancellation (the couple split in October), but it doesn’t really matter: “Mariah’s World” isn’t about storyline as much as it’s about watching Mariah primp and pamper for the camera.

We see her jump off a yacht and go for a swim wearing a gown that likely costs some people’s annual salaries. She puts on accents for effect, attempts to coin her own catchphrases (“JLT: Job long time!”) and explains her golden law of lighting: “I have a rule which states I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses.”

Shine on, dahling.

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‘Mariah’s World’


Premieres 9 p.m. Sunday