StreamLine: A revolting turn of events at Amazon

Why was ‘Good Girls Revolt,’ a series about empowered females and journalism, canceled so abruptly?

Tom Long
The Detroit News

This revolution may or may not be televised.

“Good Girls Revolt” debuted on Amazon Prime in late October. The show was amply promoted and its stars went out to all the talk shows. Critical reaction was generally positive and even though streaming services don’t release viewership numbers, there were strong indicators that the show was a hit.

Then in early December Amazon canceled “Good Girls Revolt.”

What could have happened between late October and December that would make Amazon cancel a show about trailblazing feminist journalists who want respect and equal pay?

GGR is based on the true story of female workers at Newsweek as the ’60s turned into the ’70s. The women are all employed as “researchers” for male reporters, which means they do most of the legwork and much of the actual writing but receive no credit.

Over the course of the first season, many of these women secretly band together to file a discrimination lawsuit against the magazine. But the show is about more than workplace grievances. Each of the leads is revolting within their personal lives.

Hippie-ish but ambitious Patti (Genevieve Angelson) is trying to balance the counterculture and straight worlds. Prematurely married Cindy (Erin Darke) is aching to break out beyond the confines of her loveless union. And upper-cruster Jane (Anna Camp) finds her social bubble is just a sham.

Is GGR the best show on television? No, but it’s pretty solid. So why would Amazon cancel it so quickly?

Again, what recent development might indicate the time isn’t right for a show about empowered women and journalism?

Actually quite a few people seem to think now is precisely the time for a show about empowered women and journalism. As of midweek, well over 20,000 people had signed an online petition to save the show.

Hulu, Netflix, HBO, the ball’s in your court. Or are you scared off by empowered women and journalists as well?

Tom Long is a longtime culture critic.


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