Eve to Detroiters: Unchain your dogs

New PETA billboard and TV ad campaign featuring the rapper encourages pet owners to not chain dogs outside in the winter

Stephanie Steinberg
The Detroit News

Eve has a message to Detroiters: Unchain your dogs.

The rapper and actress is featured in three PETA billboards on Metro Detroit highways that state: “Unchain Your Friends. Chained Dogs Suffer Every Day.”

The billboards are located on Interstate 94 westbound at Schaefer Road, Interstate 94 eastbound at Chalmers Street and Interstate 96 westbound at West Grand Boulevard.

The 38-year old “Barbershop” actress also is featured in a 30-second ad running on WWJ-TV (Channel 62) and Bounce TV, during which she pleads to pet owners to not chain dogs outside in the frigid cold or extreme heat.

“Keeping your dog outside doesn’t make you tough or cool — it just makes you a bully,” she says, as footage of skinny dogs chained outside appears on the screen. “Please bring your dogs inside and treat them as part of the family. And if you see a chained dog, please speak up. Because if not you, then who?”

The ad will air in Eve’s hometown of Philadelphia in addition to Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington and several other cities.

In a statement to The Detroit News, Daphna Nachminovitch, senior vice president of PETA, said the animal rights advocacy group receives reports from people across the country about dogs that are chained outside for hours.

“Left out of sight and out of mind, these lonely animals go without food, water, and shelter — and they die in horrible ways,” Nachminovitch says. “In Metro Detroit, a dog was left tied up behind a Walmart in the bitter cold and chewed off her own paw in an attempt to free herself from a cable wrapped around her body. ... PETA urges everyone to look out for animals in life-threatening circumstances like these and immediately report their plight to the proper authorities.”

Jen Clarkson, executive director of the nonprofit Dog Aide that provides medical care and pet supplies for needy Detroit dog owners, says she’s encountered many chained dogs during her time with the organization.

“It does go on quite a bit, so I’m glad (PETA) is bringing recognition to the issue,” she says.

Especially in Michigan, the winter weather could be “very detrimental” to animals chained outside, she says.

“They are not able to generate the body heat they need to be able to sustain themselves outside,” she says. “We see a lot of injuries and illnesses and potentially the loss of life because of this.”

If you see an animal kept chained outside, Clarkson recommends reaching out to the Detroit-based nonprofit C.H.A.I.N.E.D, which specifically assists chained dogs. Dog Aide, Detroit Animal Care and Control and the Michigan Humane Society can also help.


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