Review: Schumer’s funny but predictable in ‘Leather’

Tom Long
The Detroit News

Amy Schumer is so 2015 in her new Netflix standup comedy show, “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special.”

This doesn’t mean she’s not funny; she’s absolutely as funny as she was two years ago, which was pretty darn funny. But the humor — most of it revolving around sex, body issues and relationships — feels dated. Things are going on in the real world, Amy, haven’t you noticed? Don’t you have anything to say?

Actually she does, but it comes late in the one-hour special which was shot in Denver. After railing on about being called “brave” for appearing in a topless photo, about her approach to lovemaking with her new boyfriend — “I’m going to make this guy wait. And he did. All through dinner.” — and then surviving food poisoning in a small Paris hotel room with said boyfriend (all funny bits) she grows more serious.

Dressed in black leather (thus the title) she brings up the crazed shooter who killed two women at a screening of her hit film “Trainwreck,” and goes off on a heartfelt rant about gun control. About how guns are available to the mentally ill, to those on the terrorist watch list, to domestic abusers, even to the blind.

“Can we just work on not giving guns to mentally ill terrorists who are blind and beating their wives?” she asks, and it’s a question that resonates with real tragedy. It’s a risky bit, but it’s the kind of risk great comics — and Schumer has greatness in her — take.

Then she moves on to ogling Bradley Cooper and body image jokes. Funny enough stuff. But times are tough, Amy. And the world needs tough comics.

Tom Long is a longtime culture critic.


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